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Home automation technology, most popularly known as smart home technology or smart home automation, is not a futuristic dream or science fiction.  It is a new standard of homes that come in all shapes and sizes.

Smart home automation greatly increases the value, safety, and efficiency of a home and smart home integrated systems leverage technology to simplify and enhance your lifestyle.

Beautiful Start to the Day Scenario

For example, imagine the start of your day beginning with lights slowly turning on while your favorite music softly starts to play throughout the house.  Simultaneously the blinds in your bedroom and kitchen slowly open and the coffee pot starts brewing your favorite blend.  The lights slowly get brighter as your music slowly increases in volume to your desired volume.

This example of smart home automation begins while you are still asleep and just prior to you waking up and beginning your beautiful new day.  All automated and starting without you even getting out of bed!

Smart home automation - Jackson wy, Sun Valley.

Home Security Scenario

Another scenario begins as you leave your home.  With the push of a single button, you can arm your security system, turn on the outside lights and alternate which lights remain illuminated inside your home.   There is no need to run around the house turning off lights!

Additional security can also be programmed to have your smart home call, send a text message or send an email to inform you when your children have arrived home from school or if the alarm goes off.

With our video surveillance, you can also get a visual check of your home over the Internet at your office computer or smart phone.

System Integration

We can program your smart home and integrate various systems to work together so that the blinds and awnings automatically open at sunrise and close at sunset.  We can also program the popcorn popper to start cooking, the shaded draw and the lights to dim as your home theater starts an adventure flick!

We can synchronize, sprinklers, heating, lights, and any home system to perform what you want it to perform, when you want it to perform. 

Easy Access  

Smart home automation technology designed and installed by dBTRonix provides easy access to control panels where you can change and monitor your systems.  Control panels located within the home are also accessible online with a computer or smart phone.


With a dBTronix smart home automation system, your home will be upgradeable, so if you don't want some features right now, you can add them later.

Whatever your needs and budget allow, we can design a system thatís right for you.