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Smart Home & Home Automation Support
John Elway talks about the Vantage system.
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dBTronix is centered on our customers and we provide many support services which includes training, home monitoring, documentation, phone support, warranty support, service agreements and more!

Personalized Training

When we are finished with the installation, integration and automation, we’ll help train you on your new automated systems.  We’ll make sure you are comfortable with your technology investment.

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Home Monitoring

We install home monitoring systems for our clients that continually run electronic checks on your equipment.  With this home monitoring service, your systems are electronically scanned and we are notified of any system errors.  We can remotely check on the error and many times fix the problem before you even know there was one!

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24/7 Telephone Support

We help with remote and/or onsite troubleshooting when things aren’t working just right.  Just give us a call, we'll take care of you.

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Lifetime Support & Service Plans

Like any equipment, electronic parts will eventually need service and/or replacement.  Upgrades will also follow with the technology advances.  We provide service plans to address these on-going needs and to keep your system running smoothly.  Like an oil change and a tune up for a car, our service plans keep smart home systems running smoothly.

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Warranty Part Replacement

When you purchase equipment through us, we help track, order and install parts covered under warranty.

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