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When working with energy management in an automated home, there are three primary areas that are tied together.  First, HVAC system thermostats, window coverings and lighting control.  

Automating HVAC Systems 

Home automation programming ties into the controls of HVAC systems and provides an easy way to adjust heating and cooling.  Programmers identify common heating and cooling cycles and manage the temperature to your comfort level while being conscious to energy being used. 

Timing adjustment are programmed when the home is vacant to minimize needless use of energy.  With the simple push of a button, the system override can be activated to adjust heating or cooling.

Window Coverings & Shades

Window coverings and shades affect the amount of natural heat that can be captured or deflected.

Energy managment with shades and window covers.
Home integration technology for energy managment.
Depending on the time of year, shades can be strategically programmed to best benefit the heating and cooling.   Shades can automatically be drawn when certain temperatures are met or at a specific time of day. 

Lighting Control

Effective home automation programming of lighting control systems make energy management an easy task to control the lights in a home.  

Buttons and timers can be programmed to turn lights off when they are unnecessary with the single push of a button. 

Nighttime lights can also be programmed to minimize use of internal and external lighting. 

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