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LiteTouch Lifeline from dBTronix
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LiteTouch Lifeline

About 3 years ago, Savant purchased LiteTouch to add lighting control systems to their product offering.  Unfortunately for LiteTouch customers, Savant immediately discontinued and stopped supporting legacy LiteTouch keypads. 

The product discontinuation put many LiteTouch consumers in a bind when they needed replacement parts or system upgrades.  Worsening the situation, Savant eventually shut down manufacturing of all LiteTouch products. 

Industry Articles

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News Update

Recently, Lutron has announced a replacement solution.  Our engineers have reviewed the Lutron solution and not only is it untested but the reliability is also questionable.  

The dBTronix engineers find the Lutron solution inferior to the Vantage product.  One simple reason the Luton solution is inferior is that it requires additional wiring, infrastructure and the installation of additional hardware. 

The Vantage solution we recommend uses the existing wiring and infostructure.  The Vantage system is also a tried and true system which is why we highly recommend it as the solution of choice for homeowners affected by this situation.

LiteTouch Conversion Program

Fortunately, dBTronix has a LiteTouch conversion program using the Vantage Infusion LiteTouch Retrofit Insert that will salvage your investment in the infrastructure of the LiteTouch lighting system which is now defunct.

Vantage Retrofit Insert

LiteTouch Lighting - Jackson, Wy, Idaho
About the InFusion Insert
The Infusion insert is a Vantage product that is backed by Legrand, a $6 billion corporation operating in 180 countries. 

Vantage has nearly 30 years in the lighting control and automation industry.  They have a proven track record and their products are stable and reliable.

The Vantage products are expandable and future ready.  What's best is that you can use your existing wiring infrastructure from the LiteTouch system, salvaging a good portion of your investment!

The Vantage system is a proven product with an extensive track record. 

A Few More Details

Here are a few specifics associated with the Vantage products:
  • 5 year Warranty
  • UL Listed Product
  • Industry Leading Interfaces
  • Variable Keypad LED Brightness
  • AutoSystem Backup
  • State-of-the-art Dimming Technology

Vantage Conversion

The Vantage system conversion will use your existing LiteTouch wiring.  Here are a few ways that the conversion will be able to salvage some of your investment and enhance your system: 

1.  No Drywall Repair:  We use existing LiteTouch enclosures and replace the LiteTouch modules with the Vantage system.  There is no need to incur expensive drywall repair costs.

2.  Use Existing Wiring:  We use your existing wire which eliminates the need to run additional wire and the costs associated with new materials and repair.

3.  Upgrade and Expandability:  We replace your LiteTouch Control System with the Vantage Control System. 

With the new Vantage Control System, technology-rich keypads open the door to updated design and integration with other systems like automated blinds and shades, HVAC, irrigation, audio and video controls, etc.

LiteTouch to Vantage Controls
Vantage Controls


A few companies have announced that solutions are on the way, but they have yet to deliver any products. 

Even when they do release them, they will be unproven and on the front end of the product life cycle that is typically full of bugs. 

The Vantage solution is tried and true!  The Vantage insert is readily available and we are here to help. 

Be Proactive!

We encourage all home owners and property managers to be proactive with this situation. 

After September 2015, no replacement parts will be available.  This means that a single component failure could bring down your entire lighting system.

In other words, you will have no control over your lights and you will literally be left in the dark! 
When the system goes down, the situation becomes urgent and costs skyrocket.

Be proactive and avoid these urgent situations that will send you in panic mode, cost more money, and have you pulling your hair out!

LiteTouch Lighting, Jackson, Wy, Sun Valley, Idaho
Getting the Conversion Started

To get started with the conversion process, we recommend the following steps.

1. Document Existing System
Before a system failure happens and all programming is lost we retrieve your configuration and document it so that we will know how your system was intended to work. 

This will eliminate huge costs caused by outages.  These outages, without any way to decipher how the system should run, will require a forensic autopsy of a dead system.

2. Schedule Conversion
With the documentation in hand, we develop and coordinate a well orchestrated conversion plan scheduled according to your needs.

3. Explore Options
With the new Vantage Control System in place, we can explore the expanded automation options that will be available to you.  Options that include:

  • Smart Phone and Tablet Apps
  • Whole House Audio Control
  • Pool and Spa Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Security System Integration and Control
  • Automated Shades and Drapes
  • Remote Access to all Integrated Systems

And much, much more.  If you can imagine it we can do it!

Be proactive and call today to get your existing system documented. 
Really, call today!