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Home Technology Integrator with architect
Home Technology Integrator with builder
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We are a highly specialized integration firm that thrives on working with technology.  For the home or office, we provide planning, custom design, and installation services to create the optimal high-tech experience.  

We integrate and automate all types of technology and there are no limits to our customization, if you can dream it, we can build it!

Licensed and Certified

As a licensed contractor, dBTronix has obtained all necessary requirements for the States of Idaho and Wyoming to perform low-voltage wiring. 

With appropriate licensing and other technology certifications, we can properly install sophisticated technology that is supported by a correctly installed infrastructure.


Technology Staff

Providing the optimal dBTronix experience is a team of highly skilled electronics engineers and programmers.  The combination of these two disciplines ensure reliable automation technologies that enhance the smart home experience and realize the vision of business or commercial industry.  

To be a member of our technical staff, a 4-year degree from an accredited university is required as a minimum standard followed by certifications that meet State requirements.    

dBTronix then invests 10s of thousands of dollars annually in technical training to ensure each technician advances toward industry standard certifications to stay current with ever-changing technology.  

Project Philosophy

With extensive experience in designing and installing all manner of sophisticated automation systems, we work closely with architects, interior designers, and builders to achieve the sought after technology.  

The sooner we get involved, the less expensive the project! 

When we are included in the earliest stages of a project, we work closely with each professional contributing to the project. 

We bring our engineering and technology expertise to the table and through collaboration, advancing technology can be considered before costly mistakes are made. 

Tom Smith - dbTronix President, Chief Engineer.
Tom Smith, CTS
President/ Chief Engineer

 President & Chief Engineer

dBTronix was founded by Tom Smith who has nearly 30 years of industry experience.   Tom earned his B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology from Brigham Young University in 1988. 

Tom launched his professional career producing professional audio/video studios and gained a wealth of experience.  After more than 15 years in the industry, Mr. Smith started dBTronix in 2002 designing home automation and background music systems as well as home theaters and commercial sound, audio and video systems. 

Over the years, he expanded his service offerings and continued advancing his knowledge and expertise by earning and maintaining advanced certifications from top audio/ video organizations like ISF, THX, HAA, CTS and more.

Under Mr. Smith’s leadership as President and Chief Engineer, the company has grown through his unwavering attention to detail.  dBTronix is now highly sought after for new projects and to help with existing projects.  In fact, when others fumble or fail, dBTronix is contacted to save the day. 

Service Area

We serve the North West region of the United States including Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and California. 

We are best known in Jackson, Wyoming and Idaho Falls, Idaho where our headquarters is located.