5 Questions to Ask Your Builder
John Elway talks about the Vantage system.
Home Technology Integrator with architect
Home Technology Integrator with builder
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As you interview builders to select the one best qualified to build your new home, the following questions will help you determine which are building homes equipped with up to date technology. 

Every new home must include a properly designed and correctly installed infrastructure to take advantage of current and emerging technologies.  These technologies are designed to provide greater comfort, convenience, peace of mind, and substantial savings from effective energy management.

Hime integration checklist to ask your builder.
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1.  What technologies will improve my enjoyment of my home as well as increase the value of my home?

2.  To see that these features are properly incorporated, do you work with a professional System Integration company? 

3.  What are the qualifications and the background of the System Integrator that you use? 

4.  Is the System Integrator brought in early in the project and when do I meet with him?  

5.  Does the System Integrator you work with provide detailed design drawings to support the systems they install?

Guidelines to Appropriate Answers