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Smart Home & Home Automation Services
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There are many aspects of smart home technology.  We provide the services that will make your dream home a reality. 

Smart Home Consultation

Our design team that takes the time to understand your vision of the ideal home and then provides consulting expertise to assist you with the steps necessary to design and ultimately deliver your ideal home.

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Planning and Design

Electronics engineers are uniquely accredited and qualified to plan details and design amazingly sophisticated, yet simple solutions.  For your entertainment, lighting, temperature control, window shades and about anything you may want to enhance or develop for your home, we are perfectly suited to design to your taste.

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As part of our planning process, we draw up professional documentation printed to scale like blueprint diagrams.  The diagrams outline the low voltage wiring and system components. 

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Project Management

Keeping a project progressing and with acceptable time frames is a function of effective project management.  We coordinate with your architect, interior designer, builder, and all affected subcontractors to insure your technology projects are completed as designed

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System Installation & Integration

We are installation and implementation experts who can integrate any combination of home systems that meet your smart home technology needs impeccably balanced with our technical standards.

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System Control Programming

As a core element to a smart home lies the control of the systems within it.  Our expert programmers automate the the systems and allow for easy and intuitive adjustments.  Our automation and control programming provides the perfect atmosphere controlled by our award winning technology.

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Performance Calibration

Once a system is installed, integrated and automated, the work isnít done.  We are adamant that the calibration step for the audio and video equipment be performed.   With proper calibration, equipment performs at its highest level and is paramount to a crisp, clear, picture and sound.

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Structured Wiring

Like the plumbing provides efficient flow of water through your home, structure wiring is the "digital plumbing" for the data that runs through a smart home.  Without structured wiring, you home will be handicapped.

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Custom Cabinetry

We work with your cabinet maker to insure that your cabinets are customized to work with electronics equipment.  Electronics have specific needs that will extend the life of the equipment.  Proper cooling, for example,  is often overlooked and we know what specifications are necessary to protect your investment in electronics.

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Smart home and automation consultation.
Planning your smart home.
A crucial component a smart home is documentation!
Project managment is essential for proper install.
Installation and integration of smart home systems
Control programming a smart home.
Performance calibration - we clear up the blurrrrr
Structured wiring eliminates a
Custom cabinets for your electronics equipment..