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John Elway talks about the Vantage system.
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Enhance Your Home

Want to add some smart home technology to your existing home?  Contact us to learn what your options are to upgrade to smart home technology.  We can retrofit your existing home!

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5 Questions to ask your Builder

Before you start building your new home, here are 5 key questions to ask your builder to make sure you properly plan for smart home technologies.  As a home integrator, we know to ask these questions to save our clients thousands of dollars.

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10 Consumer Tips for Electronics

Purchasing electronics is an investment that requires appropriate attention.  Cheaper prices usually mean that technology has been altered to minimize price.   These 10 questions will help you make the right buying decision for your electronic components.

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Hall of Shame

Time and time again we are called to provide what we call "forensic cleanup."  In these cases, we are called to a home or business where wires were installed but there was no labeling, blueprints or documentation.  To solve the problem, we trace each wire, one at a time, to discover the location of each end.  This page shows real jobs that we have been called on to clean up.

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Vantage Systems

We are one of the only Vantage dealers in the region.  To learn more about Vantage control systems, this webpage provides plenty of details and information about this control system of choice. 

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Enhance your existing home with smart home systems
 5 Questions for your Idaho or Wyoming builder.
How to purchase electronics smart for a smart home
Home integration hall of shame.
Smart home controls with a Vantage Control System