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A smart home may be comprised of a few or many varieties of systems.  Integrators, like dBTronix, specialize in tying these systems together with an all-encompassing control system.  We are experts in installing and integrating home automation control systems like the ones listed below. 

Home Theater

From a standard home theater to the extreme high-end cinematic screening room we design and install home theaters of any scope and in any shape or size.

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Distributed Audio

We provide the audio systems that create the ultimate audio environment for you to enjoy your favorite music.  Background music, whole-home distributed audio and the accumulation of all music from one central location are all components of the audio systems we integrate in to smart home technology.

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Whole-house Video

Similar to the audio systems, our video systems also provide access to your favorite movies which can be accessed from any room in your home.  This whole-house audio distribution system makes it convenient as we compile your video collection in a central location to be viewed throughout your home.

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Lighting Control

We use the award winning Vantage control system for our lighting control technology.  With this easy to use lighting control, your home will portray its unique qualities with unique illumination inside and outside of your home.

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Energy Management

As an expert integrator, dBTronix is proficient in working with heating and cooling systems that are central to energy conservation efforts.  These systems along with window treatment shading are all factors in energy management integration.

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Home Automation

We put the systems in your home on auto-pilot and let technology  turn the lights on and off, control the temperature and make sure everything is secure while you are away.   Then, when you return home, your smart home will set the mood with appropriate lighting and background music until you are ready for bed.  Then with one touch of a button, the lights will go off and your home security will go into effect. 

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Safety and Security

Our advanced security systems include lighting, window alarms, door alarms, surveillance, 24-hour monitoring systems and more.  Our security systems are comprehensive in nature and that brings peace of mind knowing that no short cuts are taken and your home is fully protected from intrusion.

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Home Networking

Our enterprise level IT expertise elevates the level of technology to a reliable state founded on proper wiring and network equipment that is appropriately set up.  With dBTronix, you can have the highest level of network, IT and telecommunications services in your home!

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Shades and Control

The automation of shades provides optimal use of sunlight when you want it and blocks it when you don't.  Utilization of nature's heat saves energy in the winter months and in the summer when shades block it.  We provide a wide array of shades that are automated!

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