Electronics performance calibration.
Performance Calibration
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To get the most out of your audio and video equipment, calibration is essential to achieve the best quality the equipment has to offer.  When an investment is made in equipment, it makes sense that it is fine tuned to maximize the benefit.

Video Calibration

As the high definition (HD) technology improves, calibration of HD equipment makes a tremendous difference to maximize the viewing experience.  With proper calibration, crisp clear picture quality exemplifies the equipment quality.  Screen sizing also insures that the viewing area is maximized and that the programming is properly centered.  Once the calibration is complete, you will know you are experiencing the best possible viewing experience.  

Audio Calibration

Proper audio calibration creates the best possible sound for your audio system. 
Audio equipment, speaker selection, wall surfaces and room dimensions all play a part in the listening environment.  The sound engineers at dBTronix understand how all of these factors contribute to sound quality

With our understanding of how sound works, dBTronix will ultimately provide the best sound possible by creating acoustically optimized listening environments.

Performance calibration for your electronics.
Industry Recognized

Our technicians are certified with industry recognized leaders including ISF, THX and HAA.

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