Enhance your existing home with smart home systems
Enhance Your Home
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One of the specializations of dBTronix is the ability to enhance an existing home with smart home technologies.   From dependable security systems to background music or a home theater, we are experts in upgrading your existing home with smart home technologies.

Home owners are relieved to hear that we can retrofit many systems without major construction like tearing out sheet rock.  We can identify options including wireless technologies that can tie together multiple systems and help you ride the technology wave into the 21st century!

We Analyze and Discover

Many homeowners would frequently enjoy the benefits of an upgraded home that includes smart home technology advances.  Not only do they enjoy the enhanced technology, but also the increase in home value.  We take the time to analyze your existing systems and look for ways to add the technology you desire.  

While we provide comprehensive systems and services for multimillion dollar homes, many of our technology upgrade systems work well in about any size of home.   Through our home analysis, we will discover what your ideas are and then explain the options that are available to you.  

Some of the most popular upgrade options include:

Before any remodel or upgrades begin, we will outline the project costs and work with you an your budget.  Not all smart home features cost as much as you may think. 

Upgrade your home with smart home technology.
Compatibility Awareness

We plan for equipment purchases and system upgrades that meet our specifications.  We will make sure that the new technology will work  together and retrofit with existing systems. 

We are careful to work with homeowners to make sure new systems or equipment are compatible with existing ones.  We know and understand home integration. 

We know which systems work together and which ones wont work at all.  Compatibility awareness is an important part of our discovery process and a key reason that we do a comprehensive evaluation.  

Home Enhancement


Here are a few benefits of a technology enhanced home by dBTronix:

  • Increased value
  • Updated modern image
  • Greater convenience
  • Enhanced security
  • One remote control

All of these benefits are appealing to home owners but one of the greatest enhancements made results in having just one remote control that will handle all of your technology. 

To learn more about enhancing the smart home technology in your home, please give us a call or request a Free Consultation