Distributed, whole-house audio.Smart home audio
Distributed Audio
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Sometimes the most pleasure comes from what you hear, not what you see. With distributed audio you can hear music wherever you are in your house, all controlled by the touch of a button.

Listen to soft background music, crank up the volume for a summer BBQ, or distribute your favorite satellite radio program to every room. It is more than just great sound, it’s a lifestyle.

Distributed, whole-house audio.Smart home audio

Note:  Buyer Beware!  Before your purchase equipment, view our 10 Tips and Purchasing Pitfalls pages.

With a multi-source distributed audio system, you can access your favorite CD in the kitchen, the TV in another room, your digital collection in the bedroom, and listen to talk radio in another.

All these audio sources can be individually controlled by locally mounted easy to use keypads with individual balance and volume controls to enhance the specific individual’s listening experience.

With a whole-house music system, there is no clutter, awkward components or obtrusive speakers. All equipment is neatly concealed in one discreet location, yet  it is accessible.

The keypads are designed to blend in visually and can complement any décor. High quality speakers can be installed in your ceiling or wall and can be painted to look nearly invisible, or disguised as rocks or other features in your yard or garden.