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John Elway talks about the Vantage system.
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Our business services support the technology demands of any type of business.  We design and install security systems and networks.  We also provide audio/ video support that includes everything from acoustically tuned background music to HD television or video projection systems that are installation and calibration for any size of of display.  We provide these services for:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Offices
  • Hotels
  • Small Business Offices
  • Corporate Offices

Audio/ Video support, as seen in the restaurant picture below, has many contributing considerations to establish a proper display with appropriate audio for the environment.  

  Business technology services

Low Voltage Wiring Experts

One of the most important aspects of technology is the infrastructure from which it is dependent.  The wiring of any office can be the demise of efficiency if it is not done correctly.  We are experts in low voltage and structured wiring. 

Low voltage structured wiring

If the wiring of a building isn't done correctly, labeled or documented, it will cost you time, frustration and of course, money.   When we are called to fix wiring, we are immediately immersed in a "forensic cleanup" project which means we have to trace and test each wire individually to discover the network design.  Is it common?  Check out the hall of shame and you can see the wiring messes we clean up for yourself!

Common Business Services

Reaching far beyond mounting TV and background music, our business services include:

  • Enhanced Security Systems
  • Audio/Video Setup & Calibration
  • Structured Wiring & Networking
  • Energy Management
  • Technology System Integration

Planning and Documentation

When we are called on early in any commercial construction project, we will save the business money with proper planning and documentation.    No matter if the structure is a new structure or a retrofit situation, when we get involved early, you will have fewer headaches and one company to call on to coordinate technical infrastructure. 

Automation & Control

Are services automate and control business establishments like a medical office and expand to the likes of hotels as we provide and install the most suitable audio/video equipment, HVAC control, lighting control which even includes window treatment and shade automation.

Hotel audio systems, lighting and automation.

Integration and automation ideas to help your business be more efficient are endless.  We engineer the technology automation innovations for any type of business establishment of any size. 

Internet Access

Our business services also include reliable and secure Internet access for all users located on the business property. Virtually all facets of the business property can be cost-effectively  integrated with today's technology enabling simplicity, efficiency, comfort and productivity in the workplace. 

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